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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!
69 cm high stool

Bar Stool Height For 900mm Bench

leather and wood counter stool for 900mm counter 

Counter Stools Height

Standard Kitchen bench height is 90cm (900mm) high. A good counter stool height that would give you 20 cm to 30 cm worth of legroom would be around

60 cm to 70 cm high.

Bar Stools for Counters with Overhangs

New kitchens featuring an island-style dining area are often designed with an overhang that can make it a little more challenging to determine the right height for your bar stool.

However, there's no fooling your trusty tape measure. Simply measure from the floor to the underside of the over hang and subtract between 25 to 30 cm and that will give you desirable height. Also take into account will mainly adults or children be sitting there.

For an overhang with an underside that is 88 cm to 92 cm from the floor, a counter stools height of 62 cm to 69 cm will allow your guests to eat in complete comfort.



 Now that you understand the best bar stool height for 900mm bench and how tall should a counter height bar stool be, you are ready to start thinking about style. Here are just a few of the selections you have available, with each style containing myriad variations for every type of decor.

Swivel Bar Stools - It's in the name. These bar stools rotate to make it easy for guests to slide in and out of their seats without having to move the stool.

Armless Bar Stools - A practical option seen in bar settings everywhere. They don't crowd the space and are easy to store out of the way. They also come in swivel versions.

Bar Stools with Arm Rests - A terrific option for chewing the fat in comfort for hours. Most options are cushioned, padded, and have backrests.

Backless Bar Stools - Compact, convenient, and easily stored, backless bar stools are a space-saving option for areas with limited room.

You should now have all the information you need to confidently purchase the perfect height counter stool to go with your décor. Check out all your affordable options at Bar Stools Plus and start entertaining in style.

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