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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!
The Complete Guide to Bar And Counter Stool Heights

The Complete Guide to Bar And Counter Stool Heights

You would think that shopping for bar and counter stools would be an easy thing. While selecting a suitable bar stool probably won't be the most challenging thing you will do in your life, you should at least go in prepared with at least some idea about how tall should a counter height bar stool be?

The wrong size will cramp your style and your legs, and you will likely have to go through the inconvenience and expense of shipping the erroneous bar stools back to the store.

Before you hit that buy button, learn the truth about how high are counter stools and why they are different from bar stools? The more you know, the better the chance that you and your family and friends can enjoy your meals and drinks in comfort and style with your first barstool purchase.


       Bar stools at bar height 80 cm

Bar Stools Height 70cm to 85cm

Bar stools are basically tall chairs, and most will have footrests for extra comfort. The range of styles and options is staggering, so there is something for every type and height of bar and counter to perfectly match your décor. Bar stool heights range from 70 cm - 85cm.

Many new homes feature kitchen islands with bar overhangs. Small apartments use bar height counters as part of the interior design to save space for dining. These increasingly popular architectural design choices mean that bar stools are becoming a more common sight in the home.

Homes can also have built-in bars in dedicated games and entertainment areas, and outdoor bars by the pool will require comfortable seating for cool drinks in the shade.

counter stool backless under a kitchen bench over hang


Counter Stools, Kitchen bar stools, Height 62cm to 70 cm

Standard counter and counter height tables are 90cm (900mm) high. A good counter stools height that would give you 25 cm to 30 cm worth of legroom would be around 62 cm to 70 cm high.

Counters and their matching furniture are better suited for small spaces with a casual atmosphere. The short stature of the furniture makes the area seem roomier. Families with small children might also appreciate their kids being closer to the ground when climbing onto the stools, as there is less risk of it toppling over.

Now that you understand how much legroom is optimal, you understand how tall should a counter height bar stool be and can make your purchases with confidence.


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