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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!
The Ultimate Bar Stool Measurement Beginner's Guide (Metric)

The Ultimate Bar Stool Measurement Beginner's Guide (Metric)

Check out this complete bar stool measurement guide—get out your tape measure and follow along. 

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Are you in the market for new bar stools? You've already avoided the first mistake most beginner buyers make—not researching the measurements they need for a perfect fit. So go on—pat yourself on the back.

In this blog post, we'll provide a bar stool measurement guide (in centimeters) so that your first purchase is sure to be a success. Keep reading for a comprehensive DIY guide on how to get custom measurements to determine your ideal barstool height.

Bar Stools Vs. Counter / Kitchen  Stools—What's the Difference? 

In your hunt for the ultimate new bar stools, you may come across the terms "bar stools" and "counter stools." While some people may use these terms interchangeably, beware—there are some potential height differences you need to consider when making your purchase.

Standard counter / kitchen stools are shorter—usually. 

The standard home kitchen counter height is between 86 and 91 centimeters. Therefore when you see the term "counter stools," these products will measure somewhere between 50-59 centimeters in height. However, if the counter is custom-built, it may not adhere to these dimensions, so it's always best to measure rather than assume.

Standard bar stools are built for—well, bars. 

Bars are typically taller than counters, so bar stools are taller than counter stools. Bar stools are typically 60-67 centimeters in height. While some may fit comfortably under a taller kitchen counter, most will likely cause you to feel a bit cramped

Use This Bar Stool Measurement Guide To Save Hassle Before You Buy 

You could blindly purchase bar stools and hope they fit your bar or counter perfectly. After all, with free returns these days, what's the harm in giving it a shot?

But if you're not one for taking risks, we've got the solution: a complete bar stool measurement guide! So get out your tape measure and follow along as we guide you through taking accurate bar or counter measurements.

How to Take Bar Stool Measurements

Gorgeous new bar stools are an excellent addition to any home. But you won't enjoy using them if they aren't sized appropriately for the space. Your home bar should be where you can relax and get lost in conversation, so you'll want to ensure you take all the necessary measurements to optimize comfort.

Here are the three measurements you need: height, width, and depth.

Measure Bar Height—Distance From the Ground to Bar Counter

This is the vertical measurement, the longitude, the up and down. This measurement is critical because it tells you how high your bar stools can be before they become too tall and uncomfortable.

Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the floor and stop where the bar counter begins. Ideally, you'll want bar stools to leave about 25 centimeters of lap space from the countertop.

Measure Bar Width—Distance Across the Bar Counter

This is the horizontal measurement, the latitude, or the side-to-side. This will give you an idea of how many bar stools can comfortably fit across your bar counter without overcrowding the space.

Get this measurement by measuring one end of the bar countertop from the inside edge to the other inside edge. Measure in several places to ensure your bar isn't narrower or broader in some areas—you'll want to get an accurate average.

How to Determine Ideal Bar Stool Height Using Measurements 

Now that you have all the measurements you need, it's time to put them together to get the bar stools that best suit your bar or counter.

Finding the ideal height for your barstool is easy! Simply subtract your desired lap distance from the total bar height—usually between 22 and 33 centimeters—and that's the height you should search for.

Bar Stool Height Measurements Examples 

Counter Height

91 centimeters

106 centimeters

116 centimeters

Ideal Bar Stool Height 

58-68 centimeters

73-83 centimeters

83-94 centimeters


Calculate the Number of Stools You Need

Before you go buying half a dozen brand-new bar stools, take a minute to calculate how many you need. You'll want enough bar stools for everyone to sit comfortably without overcrowding the space—you don't want your guests to feel like sardines in a can.

Distance between bar stools is measured from the centers of each stool. Most bar stools are as narrow as 38 centimeters, but some can expand up to 53 centimeters. You'll want to space your barstools at least 15cm apart but no more than 40cm to achieve maximum style and comfort. 

Add the width of your barstool with the amount of space you want between each stool. Divide this number by the total width of your bar counter, and round down to the nearest whole number. Voila!

Avoid These 3 Buying Mistakes

  • Don't assume that just because the description says "bar height," it will fit. 
  • Do yourself a favor—don't always trust what you read. Be sure to double-check that it fits the measurements you need based on your calculations to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Don't forget about legroom. 
  • If you have a hollowed-out space under your bar, you have nothing to worry about. But if it's a solid wall, you'll need to do one extra calculation for leg room. Aim to leave 30cm -35 cm from the front of the bar stool to the wall. 

  • Don't forget to account for extras like armrests and swivels in your measurements. 
  • You should also consider unique features like armchairs and swivels for maximum comfort. You need at least 15 centimeters of arm room between each stool. For swivels and armrests, aim for 20 centimeters. 

    Adjustable height stools can take the worry out of the equation 

    There is another option, which is adjustable stools.  They work with having a gas piston which with the pull of the leaver can go up and down to adjust for the person to get the the ultimate correct height. Adjustable stools

    Time To Shop Bar Stools 

    If you're looking for a trendy set of bar stools that fit perfectly in your home bar, then Bar Stools Plus can help. We take pride in offering a wide selection of bar stools and counter & kitchen stools in various styles, colors, and designs. Browse bar stools today to find the perfect bar stool for your home.








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