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What Are Bar Stool Heights? A Guide for Australian Shoppers

What Are Bar Stool Heights? A Guide for Australian Shoppers

Choosing the right bar stool height is essential for comfort and functionality, whether you're outfitting a home kitchen island, a backyard bar, or a commercial space. Understanding the different bar stool heights and how they correspond to various counter and bar heights will help you make the best choice. Here's a comprehensive guide tailored for Australian shoppers.

 Standard Bar Stool Heights

  1. Counter Height Bar Stools (60-70 cm):

   - Best for: Kitchen islands, breakfast bars, and counter-height tables.

   - Counter height: Typically around 90 cm.

   - Description: These stools provide a comfortable seating option for standard kitchen counters, allowing enough legroom while keeping you at a convenient height for eating and socialising.

Seraphina Bar stools (Set of 4)  Black

  1. Bar Height Stools (70-80 cm):

   - Best for: Traditional bar counters and higher tabletops.

   - Bar height: Typically around 100-110 cm.

   - Description: These stools are ideal for bar counters found in most home and commercial settings. They offer an elevated seating position that pairs perfectly with standard bar heights.

White, Black and Chrome Kitchen Bar Stools

  1. Extra Tall Bar Stools (80-90 cm):

   - Best for: High pub tables and extra-tall bars.

   - Bar height: Typically around 110-120 cm.

   - Description: These stools are suited for higher than average bar tops, often found in commercial pubs and certain home bar setups. They provide an extra boost to match the elevated surface.

Jacks Vintage Industrial Steel Wooden Bar Stool


Choosing the Right Height

To determine the correct bar stool height, measure the height of your counter or table from the floor to the underside of the surface. A general rule of thumb is to allow 25-30 cm between the seat of the stool and the underside of the counter for comfortable legroom.

 Additional Features to Consider

- Adjustable Height: Some bar stools come with adjustable heights, offering versatility for different counters and preferences.

- Backrests and Footrests: For added comfort, consider stools with backrests and footrests, especially if you plan on sitting for extended periods.

- Swivel Function: Swivel stools allow for easy movement and conversation, ideal for social settings

 Australian Trends and Preferences

In Australia, open-plan living and outdoor entertaining areas are popular, influencing bar stool choices. For alfresco dining spaces, weather-resistant materials like teak, aluminium, and synthetic wicker are favoured. Additionally, many Australians prefer sleek, minimalist designs that complement modern kitchen aesthetics.


Where to Buy Bar Stools in Australia

Barstools Plus: Barstools Plus stands out as one of the best providers of bar stools in Australia, offering an extensive range of high-quality stools to suit any decor and setting. Their collection includes a variety of styles, from modern and contemporary to classic and rustic, ensuring there's something for everyone. Known for their exceptional customer service and competitive prices, Barstools Plus also provides expert advice to help you choose the perfect stools for your space. With a commitment to quality and style, they have become a trusted name in the Australian furniture market.

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